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EAST HAMPTON, NY – OCTOBER 11: Kiefer Sutherland speaks at a conversation with Joel Schumacher featuring Kiefer

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Bauer dressing! 24 star Kiefer Sutherland smartens up his act in fitted suit as he steps out in New York

Showing off his toned chest in a fitted grey jumper, Kiefer looked every inch the Hollywood action star.
Of course, he protected himself from the autumn sun with every A-lister’s must have accessory – a pair of Aviator sunglasses.

The star was in New York to pay tribute to director Joel Schumacher, the man behind his cult classic The Lost Boys.

Kiefer was just 18 when he played the leader of a gang of vampires in the 1987 film, and he reminisced about his time working with the auteur at the Hamptons International Film Festival over the weekend, where he was being feted with a lifetime achievement award.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the event, Kiefer revealed he and the director came up with his iconic hairstyle he sported in the movie.

He said: ‘We both conspired to invent the mullet.’

As for 24, the Hollywood veteran insisted last month that he’s not sure whether another series will be made.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he explained: ‘I’m missing Jack already. I can never say never. ‘My biggest fear about Jack was, “Can we produce the standard the fans have been sued to?” I still feel there are more stories to tell.’

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